Committed individuals raising funds for causes of their choice are the backbone of the philanthropic efforts at the TSK 25K. UWK supports these individuals in this endeavour by providing an efficient, empowering and effective platform to raise funds for a cause. All fundraisers start by creating their fundraising page on the UWK website.

Join the extraordinary league of fundraisers, click here to create your personal fundraising page. These pages are user-friendly, feature-rich and free to set up.

Our fundraisers for the Tata Steel 25k Marathon

Subrata Barman
Raised 76622 of 75000

Arjun Prakash
Raised 18000 of 50000

Anushka Prakash
Raised 18000 of 50000

Mainak Ray
Raised 500 of 20000

Ron Billimoria
Raised 20 of 5000

Pritam singh
Raised 0 of 40000

Kanhaiya Singh
Raised 0 of 50000

Pronay Mukherjee
Raised 0 of 75000
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